Residual errors not normally distributed

The residuals of the linear mixed-effects models in the three studies violated the assumption of normality. Even though linear mixed-effects models tend to be quite robust to deviations from normality (Knief & Forstmeier, 2021; Schielzeth et al., 2020), we sought to verify our results. To this end, we attempted to run robust models using two methods, neither of which worked. The methods are nonetheless described below.

Method A: robustlmm model

The first method drew on the R package ‘robustlmm’ v2.4-4 (Koller, 2016). To calculate the \(p\) values, we followed the procedure of Sleegers et al. (2021), but used the Kenward-Roger method instead of Satterthwaite (see Luke, 2017).


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Pablo Bernabeu, 2022. Licence: CC BY 4.0.

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