Thank you to my supervisors, Dr. Dermot Lynott and Prof. Louise Connell, for your invaluable advice and encouragement. This journey has been as interesting and academically enriching for me as I had hoped. I equally value the personal support from Dermot when it was needed. Thank you also to all my colleagues, including the members of the Embodied Cognition Lab, as well as all the faculty and the students I worked with as a graduate teaching assistant. I very much enjoyed working with you, and learned a lot in the process. Thank you very much to the Department of Psychology at Lancaster University for their fundamental support throughout my PhD. Thank you to all the staff who have guided and helped me along the way, at my department, at the Information Systems Services, and at the High-End Computing facility. Thank you to Gorilla Experiment Builder and to Prolific for a joint grant that will support my next study, and for their help with my questions. Thank you to the Software Sustainability Institute, the RepliCATS project and the Open Scholarship Community Galway for their indulgence and their awards, which helped support my PhD research, broadened my professional horizons, and allowed me to meet many interesting people. Thank you to the contributors who addressed my questions on StackExchange and other forums. Thank you to Dr. Margriet Groen and Prof. Max Louwerse for their attention as the examiners of my PhD. Last but not least, thank you to my family and my friends for all the talks talked and the walks walked.

Pablo Bernabeu, 2022. Licence: CC BY 4.0.

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