Web application for the simulation of experimental data


This open-source, R-based web application is suitable for educational and research purposes in experimental and quantitative sciences. It allows the creation of varied data sets with specified structures, such as between-group and within-participant variables, that can be categorical or continuous. These parameters can be set throughout the various tabs from the top menu. In the last tab, the data set can be downloaded. The benefits of this application include time-saving and flexibility in the control of parameters.

🌐  The web application can be launched here.

Screenshot of the Dependent tab (view larger)


Bernabeu, P., & Lynott, D. (2020). Web application for the simulation of experimental data (Version 1.1). Retrieved from https://github.com/pablobernabeu/Experiment-simulation-app/.


This web application was developed in R (R Core Team, 2020). The code is available on Github, where contributions may be made. The initial code for this application was influenced by Section 5.7 (Simulating data for multi-factor designs) in Crump (2017). The R packages used include ‘dplyr’ (Wickham, François, Henry, & Müller, 2018), ‘DT’ (Xie, 2020), ‘flexdashboard’ (Iannone, Allaire, & Borges, 2020), ‘shiny’ (Chang, Cheng, Allaire, Xie, & McPherson, 2020) and ‘stringr’ (Wickham, 2019).


Thank you to RStudio for the free hosting server used by this application, shinyapps.io.


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To submit any questions or feedback, please post an issue, or email Pablo Bernabeu at p.bernabeu@lancaster.ac.uk.

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