Data dashboard: Butterfly species richness in Los Angeles

This dashboard presents open data (iNaturalist and BioScan) from Prudic, K.L.; Oliver, J.C.; Brown, B.V.; Long, E.C. Comparisons of Citizen Science Data-Gathering Approaches to Evaluate Urban Butterfly Diversity. Insects 2018, 9, 186. In their study, Prudic and colleagues compared citizen science with traditional methods in the measurement of butterfly populations.

I developed this dashboard after reproducing the analyses of the original study in a Reprohack session.

My coding tasks included transforming the data to a long format,

# There are pseudovariables, that is, observations entered as variables. Since most R processes 
# need the tidy format, convert below (see
# The specific numbers found through traps and crowdsourcing methods are preserved.

BioScan = BioScan %>% pivot_longer(
    cols = Anthocharis_sara:Vanessa_cardui, names_to = "Species",
    values_to = "Number", values_drop_na = TRUE

# Compare
# 928 rows now; the result of 29 pseudo-variables being transposed into
# rows, interacting with 32 previous rows, i.e., 29 * 32 = 928.

merging three data sets,

# The iNaturalist data set presents a slightly different challenge from the pseudovariables found above.
# The number of animals of each species must be computed from repeated entries, per site.

iNaturalist = merge(iNaturalist, iNaturalist %>% count(species, site, name = 'Number'))

and, as ever, wrangling with the format of the dashboard pages to preserve the format of a table.

Species details {style="background-color: #FCFCFC;"}

Column {style="data-width:100%; position:static; height:1000px;"}


Bernabeu, P. (2020). Dashboard with data from Prudic, Oliver, Brown, & Long (2018), Comparisons of Citizen Science Data-Gathering Approaches to Evaluate Urban Butterfly Diversity, Insects, 9, 186.

Pablo Bernabeu
Postdoctoral fellow at UiT –
The Arctic University of Norway

After doing a research master's, I became a PhD student and graduate teaching assistant in Psychology at Lancaster University, where I investigated how conceptual processing—that is, the comprehension of the meaning of words—is supported by linguistic and sensorimotor brain systems, and how research on this topic is influenced by methodological aspects such as the operationalisation of variables and the sample size of experiments. Currently, I am a postdoctoral fellow at UiT The Arctic University of Norway, where I am investigating the behavioural and neural underpinnings of multilingualism. Throughout my research, I have used methods such as behavioural and electroencephalographic experiments, corpus analysis, statistics and programming. Research materials at CV available here.

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